Ping Pong Game ™

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◈Simple Menu Controlled Setup
◈Free Or Pay To Play Modes
◈Sculpted For A More Realistic Look
◈move freely around the table while playing
◈No Confusing Huds
◈ Keeps Score
◈ Custom Animations
◈ Easy set up and removable
◈ Fast game play that takes advantage of Second Life's physics that creates a smoother and realistic
◈ Table has been recompiled for MONO
◈ Gives Paddles To Anyone

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  • Pay Or Free Modes
  • Keeps Score
  • Custom Animations
  • Realistic Game Play
  • Gives Paddles To Anyone So All Can Play

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Just what I needed

Veröffentlicht 9.2.2019 von NekoLoveheart5weet 5 Sterne

It very cute and fun to play with and lot of my customer love it. apart from rez it should have warning to edit mod to move it but other then that great game.

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Just fine for our needs

Veröffentlicht 15.3.2016 von Gigli 5 Sterne

From the box it was clitchy, We had to mess with it a few times. We got it to work and we are happy with it. It isn't high end animations its cute and fun. We was looking for small and it was just an addition to our game room. It is great for what we needed. It been working fine so far and it design well. Just be patient.

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  • 4 Sterne Rezensionen (8)

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