Pink Acid My Leopard Cub 3 Pack

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From Pink Acid / [Black Bantam]:

Comes With:

100% 3 Original Mesh Leopard Cubs, each with it's own individual Holding Pose


Every cub is equipped with an interactive menu, where you can rename and personalize your pet. Your friends can also interact with him if you choose.

Due to SL crashes & glitches, you will not always receive your item. If you do not receive your purchased product, please send me (Stasey Oller) an IM in world. My IM's go straight to my email address. Leaving posts on my items does not help or ensure that you will receive your purchased item. I am not on the marketplace everyday. Leaving me an IM in world will guarantee that you will always get your items or the help needed.

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Veröffentlicht 22.6.2017 von Laoise Rumsford 5 Sterne

I do not mind it being Static. But what I do wish is that when I walked, that the animation of my avatar holding the Cub would stay. I'm not sure if it can and it's just an AO issue, or what. But I feel guilty "flinging" my kitten to the side while I walk into a store... lmao... Other than that, I absolutely love these babies.

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Veröffentlicht 8.1.2017 von coldbloodedIVY 4 Sterne

I like how cute it is and that it can be petted by myself and others. 4 stars just because it's static (I KNOW IT'S ADVISED).
Hope someday you make a animated version that also follows your avi :)

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♥Black Bantam & Pink Acid♥
♥Black Bantam & Pink Acid♥
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