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Pool table last updated January 17th, 2020. To see a list of changes visit

Updates are always free!

This pool table is for people who want to have a serious game of pool. It does more than just let you push balls around, it handles the rules of the game with maximum precision and uses tricks and techniques to bend SL physics in ways that you won't find in anywhere else. All of this gives the table endless replayability so that you can enjoy hours and hours of play.

If you wish to see one of these pool tables in action, view this video. Or better yet, come try it in store. There's a link to there at the bottom of this listing.

- 4 games in this table, 8 ball, 9 ball, 7 ball, and an open no-rules mode
- Almost every major rule scripted in, including ball-in-hand, push-outs, safeties, fouls, and more
- Designed to maximize SL physics and be as accurate as possible
- Can be resized without breaking gameplay
- Play with anywhere from 1 to 16 players, all tracked by the table
- Two modes of play, one that's fully HUD controlled, and another that's a little more relaxed
- Multiple styles and cloth colors built in and changeable with just a few menu clicks
- Three difficulty settings that affect how easy it is to pocket balls
- Grant administrative control to friends
- Inactivity timers
- Free and pay to play modes
- A number of built in text commands to help tables work with external rezzers

I want this item to be the best item you've ever owned in SL. This pool table has been updated and improved constantly over 9 years. In that time I've provided countless free updates ( through an update server or upon request ), bug fixes, and I've tried to offer the very best customer service that can be had in SL. Updates will always be free.

Feel free to contact me, Dustin Gilman. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Pool Table Land Impact: 10 prims
Game Object Land Impact ( needed if you want to play games ): 24 prims
Totals Prims: 34

The pool table itself is modifiable and so this item is listed as modifiable. However, the scripts within are not modifiable and making changes other than resizing the table risks breaking things. Please keep this in mind when making your purchase.

Also note, as this item as mesh, resizing the item to make it larger will increase its land impact substantially. However, reducing the size of the item will reduce its land impact slightly.


Pay to Play and Free Modes:
Because of SL skill gaming rules, the table does not support betting. Its pay mode works like a coin operated machine and does not pay out lindens. In free mode anybody can play for free, while in pay to play mode the owner can still allow certain individuals and/or group members to play for free, but charge everybody else to play.

Inactivity Timers:
If a user leaves a game in progress, the game won't run endlessly. The table owner can set inactivity timers so that such games will automatically time out and end.

Multiple textures and cloth:
Cloth and table textures can be set individually, allowing for a wide range of style options.

Attention to Details
To keep games quick and fun, almost every major rule has been scripted into the game, including ball spin ( subject to SL limitations ), push-outs, safeties, re-racking, and other great features. This is so that players can have the most authentic pool-playing experience in SL possible.

Administrative Features:
The table comes with a full set of administrative features and the ability to grant administrative control to other people.

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  • support for 1 - 16 players
  • 7 ball, 8 ball, 9 ball and open games
  • realistic play and detailed game rules
  • resizable with multiple textures and cloth
  • custom LODs to reduce popping

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best pool table in sl.

Veröffentlicht 19.8.2020 von 8exy 5 Sterne

you wont find a better one, i love that you can script a rezzer to start it, i don't have it eating up prims when it's not in use. great scripts works awesome, creator is very courteous and helpful

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Veröffentlicht 12.3.2020 von PinkFloyd75 5 Sterne

This is very good ,works well ,very happy with it and it gets update ,And when i got it ,i got a msg from Dustin Gilman saying you need any help just let me know, so i new i pick the right one its excellent

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