Premium Donation Board Version 1.0

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Premium Donation Board
Attractive and simple to use donations board.


✔ Your custom message before and after a donation.
✔ Your custom picture on panel.
✔ 4 preset materials available on menu (Wood, Gray Wood, Concrete and Store)
✔ 2 preset label fonts available on menu (White with shadows, Dark embossed), or use your own.
✔ 4 preset labels for donations goal line on touch (Our Costs, Our Monthly Costs, Our Goal, Event Goal)
✔ 4 preset labels for total donations line on touch (Total Donation, Community Support, Donations so far, Total Help)
✔ Heart and word "Donate" have separate faces for front and sides, sides also have occlusion texture, both tintable with any color!
✔ Animations when enabled: Heart beat every 1 second, Party sound on donation, Thank You Heart particles on donation.
✔ Optionally hand out one or more gifts (objects) after a donation.
✔ Allows you to define 4 preset payment options plus an optional Any Amount.
✔ Digital displays for goal/costs and current donations.
✔ Split donations with up to 2 avatars. (If enabled, board will ask you for Debit Permissions).
✔ Optional notification after a donation sent you and partner (if Split Donations enabled).
✔ Log with total donations (L$ and number) since the last reset including average donation.
✔ Log with board forever total (L$ and number) since the last reset including average donation.
✔ Log will persist if you move your board to another location or region, option to reset available on menu.
✔ Simple, fun and easy to use, options are set at the Settings notecard, and customization options on menu.
✔ Neat board designed to catch the attention of your visitor and increase awareness for donations and events.
✔ 5 LI only, board, heart and word Donate all in one mesh.

See this board live at our store! Available at the 4th floor.
Flowers displayed at pictures (bottom) are included as a gift.



Copy and Modify.
All scripts are no mod.


Available: January 2022

Thank you for your business! I hope you will enjoy this item as much as I enjoyed creating it!
Any questions feel free to IM me. Have fun!


Andred Darwin.
LunaMare Designs.

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  • Attractive board to enhance awareness about your event
  • 4 materials built-in on menu
  • 8 label options and 2 two fonts
  • Split donations with up to 2 avatars
  • Custom messages and animations

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full star full star full star full star full star Veröffentlicht 15.12.2022 von Sharelle Aurelia

Simple to use. Thanks.

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full star full star full star full star full star Veröffentlicht 11.2.2022 von TaraxxHolenme

If you need help with setting up the board, Andred is very responsive and friendly. I forgot one little step and luckily he had time to come help me out. Thank you for the quick response and awesome customer service. I would recommend all my friends and people I don't know - purchase his merchandise cause he's great to deal with!!!

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