Ps Baby Duck Free Swiming Duckling Bird Animal

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Ps Realistic Free Swimming Baby Duck Pack

2 weeks introduction discount only 450 L$!

Inculdet 3 Ducks

This is the most realistic animated Baby Duck in SL. Sculpted with professional 3D-program and high quality textured.

Useable for sl and non sl water

It comes with a menu and is very easy to set up. Just drop it into the water, one click and it starts to move naturally.

Low lag and low prim - only 5 prims at all!

Realistic animations:

- Animated Head

- Animated legs

- Adjustable swim-range

- Movement delay

- Free swimming

- Dive for fishes

Menu features:

- Delay (it abides longer at each point where it swims to)
- Range (reduce or expand the swim radius)
- Swim (start moving)
- Reset (returns to the standard-settings)
- Ghost (Phantom )
- Sound on /off
If u wanna see it inworld, visit my shop at

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If you wanna see it in world, visit my shop at

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Not Good

Veröffentlicht 31.5.2015 von Bolera 1 Stern

Ducks running to fast, you cant change the Speed, just terrible, Nice Look but to fast....

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Veröffentlicht 17.1.2010 von rutlurker Habilis 1 Stern

Ducks look very nice, but whenever I set them to wander they drop to the "ground." I have sent two notecards to vendor while she was online. No response.

It should be a simple matter to help me solve this problem, and when/if the vendor decides to contact me, I can give this a much higher rating. As is, they are expensive for static ducks.

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