[-The Arcanum-] Deathwish: A Dark Spell-Casting System Version 1.0

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Introducing DEATHWISH: A powerful dark magic system that grants the user a potent arsenal of necromantic and sorcerous powers.

Teleport through grave crypts, blast concentrated spirit energy, inscribe wards and sigils on surfaces to enchant them, conjure zombies among many other spell-casting options!

Below is just a taste of what Deathwish can do. For the full documentation, visit: https://docs.slmagic.com


• Raise Undead - This spell raises a zombie from the earth, upon which it roams mindlessly looking for flesh and brains. Zombies can be dispelled just like any other spell.

• SPIRIT BLAST - This powerful knock-back jinx is a new Spirit spell that allows the caster to fire off a wave of spiritual energy that mows down anything in its path..

• Necro Needles - Total carnage ensues as the necromancer conjures obsidian bone shards and propels them with deadly accuracy into his target.

Upon impaling a victim, they will stick to the target and charge up - once the charge builds an explosion will ensue. Shards will stick to anything including surface terrain, objects, avatars etc.

• Conjure Skull - Opens a portal to hell from which a demon skull emerges The necromancer possesses the skull and is allowed to fly around and cast necro-blasts until dispelled. (If your camera acts up at all, dispel the spell and then cast again to fix it.). When possessing the skull, LEFT CLICK to fire necro-blasts.

• Torch - Causes an arcane torch to rise from the earth and light the way for the caster. As you walk, more torches will appear whilst the ones behind you will vanish. CLICK a torch to make it stick or to remove it manually.

• Devil's Trap - The necromancer conjures forth a tomb that surrounds the target and seals them in with ancient wards.

• TELEPORT - The necromancer uses his unearthly powers to travel to distant locations instantly.

• Grave Portal - Conjures up graves from the earth that act as gateways, thus allowing instantaneous travel between two points.

• Reject - A blast of green energy emerges from your scepter and slams into an enemy propelling them backwards with extreme force.

• Bonewall - Draws a wall of bones based on the caster's concentration. Bonewall can be used to shield against incoming spells as well as blocking off pathways. This spell will scale depending on how long you cast it.

• Bone Cage - Ensnares the target in a cage made of cursed bones.

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  • Includes several Dark & Powerful Spells
  • Includes utilities such as teleportation and portals.
  • 100% Original Mesh Content
  • Designed with care: Self-Cleaning & Low-To-No Lag
  • Easy to Use & Role-play Friendly!


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