**RE** Affection Couple Bracelets BOX Version 1.0

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Attention: This is a couple product, the bracelets are transferable.

.: RealEvil Industries :.
**RE** Affection Couple Bracelets * ENGRAVABLE *
*One for Her and one for Him*
*Engrave it yourself via HUD*
*Multiple Textures*
*Raven Collection*

- Powerful presence | Unisex -
- Original Design & Textures | Top Quality & Detail | Top Quality Mesh -
- Customizable via HUD | XYZ Resizable | Deletable scripts -
- 10 Metals, 10 Leathers (4 zones), 10 Text colors -
- Engraving: 10 letters (per bracelet) -
- Possible characters: A to Z, 1 to 0, 6 symbols -
- Full Bright ON/OFF - for photos -
- Unrigged Mesh -
- Transferable for gifting -
- Custom Local Chat Message -


1x **RE** Affection Bracelet R - Male fit
1x **RE** Affection Bracelet R - Female fit
1x {HUD} Affection Bracelet Male
1x {HUD} Affection Bracelet Female
1x MSG Card Male
1x MSG Card Female
- User Guide
- Pose Stand M4
- Help Center (wear me)
- Main Store LM
- Support & ToS

1. When you are done with the customizing, you have the option to delete the scripts. This cannot be undone!
2. Mesh requires a Second Life v2.0 compatible viewer.(Official Viewer, Firestorm etc.).
3. Functions and Features may be subject to changes in the future updates.
4. This product is NO COPY / NO MOD / TRANS. All sales are final.
5. We are not responsible if you drag the bracelets on the ground and lose them. This product cannot be redelivered.
6. If you can't see the letters there can be 2 reasons: A. you are wearing a piece of clothing with a transparent texture over the tags. B. the tag is too close to your mesh body and the transparent tattoo layer is causing problems.
The solution is to move a bit forward the tags so it won't touch your skin.
*This is an old Second Life (OpenGL) bug, that is caused by transparency over transparency.*

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Top Quality Mesh & Textures
  • HUD: 10 Metals, 10 Leathers (4 zones), 10 Text colors
  • XYZ Resize
  • Engraving 10 Letters (per bracelet)
  • Transfer for gifting

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Love it

Veröffentlicht 23.8.2019 von DuNotEat 4 Sterne

I was looking for an upgrade for our old bracelets and this is the one that got me. thanks you for the awesome work. 4 stars , it would be awesome if it was fit ;)

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