{RP} FR003 *

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{RP} FR003

◘This is a 2 person pose

◘ Included:
☼ 2 Pose Balls (1LI Each)
☼ Sample Photo
☼ Animations Included
☼ Complete Scene/Background Prims
----> Pose with 11 LI (12 Prims) - Complete Pose
----> Pose with 2 LI (2 Prims) - Pose Only

Please note that while I try to make them as universal and multipurpose as possible, not ALL poses will work with all size/shape AVs as it is impossible to plan for every combination out there. With some creativity and (on rare occasions) costume changes or slight shape modifications, it is almost always possible to get a photo with the pose you have purchased. I give you some tools, you make the art! ♥

Should you ever need customer service, please send a message to me, Beyonkah Resident and I will be with you as soon as possible.




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{RP} Reina Photography & Kinderstrudle
{RP} Reina Photography & Kinderstrudle
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Verkauft von: Beyonkah
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