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Born out of the laziness of one Denenthorn Masukami, this tool is designed to quickly and easily clean Role Play Logs.
Designed for use on the Second Life sim Toxian City, but slowly developing to become a SL wide cleaner working with a range of combat systems.

The HUD makes use of my website http://rplogcleaner.com/ to strip any non RP related text from a log, removing posts from other objects, OOC posts, among other spam posts.

-------------HOW TO USE--------------
* Click the power button on the HUD it will turn green, this starts the recording, all posts from this point forward will be recorded.

* Click the power button on the HUD again and it will go black, this stops the recording

* A dialog menu will open with a link to your stripped RP log.

* Copy the text from the web page or save the URL, this URL is unique to your RP Log.

((PLEASE NOTE!! RP logs will kept on the server for at least 7 days, it is not guaranteed that the URL will work after the 7 days. Make sure to back up your RP to a NC after its been cleaned))



  • Record and Clean RP logs
  • Remove OOC posts
  • Remove combat system spam
  • Plus much more

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Excellent product for the cost

Veröffentlicht 2.11.2017 von Graea 5 Sterne

This was so useful and so efficient that I upgraded to the premium version pretty quickly as I love the online storage to keep a full record of my RP. It keeps a record of SL usernames attached to each post so they can be tracked when my NCs are submitted for XP on sims that use this feature and fully records everything I need to have detailed and accurate logs for both my own purposes and for submitting to RP Sims. Thank you for having the foresight to include so many options and to not remove important stuff from cleaned logs. As a sidenote the web interface is also clean and easy to use. Well worth the price!

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Good not Great

Veröffentlicht 11.5.2017 von Juniper Ellisson 3 Sterne

As someone who keeps logs of her RP, and has spent many hours cleaning up logs, I was excited for this and came out... feeling meh. Even after the cleaning it still leaves a lot of left to do and I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.

- Once you finish a scene you don't need to go back and copy all the text. This does that for you.
- It adds lines after every post.
- It removes OOC posts, but only those that are in double parenthesis.
- For RPers who use titlers like myself, it removes the annoying Name (Name) thing SL does in it's logs.
- Supposedly it also removes Log ins and Log outs and some Combat RP, but I don't have Log in announcements nor do I use a combat HUD.

- It leaves the "/me" after every post. This is the most annoying thing to edit and probably a simple fix. I don't know why it's not a feature.
- For RPers who use chatters, it keeps their names in parenthesis. [02:07] (Chattername): /me
- For RPers who don't use chatters it displays their posts as; [02:10] DISPLAY NAME (Firstname Lastname): /me. A good clean up would be to remove their usernames. I don't want this in my logs.
- I also wish it would remove the colon.

If it fixed the "/me" situation this would actually get more stars, because the other things are easy fixes. I do like this and found it on a whim while looking for a dice. It's a good price for what it is, just wish it was a little more robust.

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