RolePay Money System Store Expansion Pack Version 2.0.2

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What is the RolePay Money System?
The RolePay Money System is a gridwide currency system used by many large Roleplaying communities to greater their experience through money / currency.

Why use it?
Want to be able to have stores in your regions that don't require the use of L$ for goods like Food? They work great to use with banks, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Right now we are the only company that has provided such a great feature, but with the help of the community we are able to make it the best for you.

This expansion will not work without an API key provided to you from a network. You can either purchase the complete pack or have someone who owns the complete pack to give you an API key for their network.

This expansion pack allows you create a store that works with the RolePay Money System.

What kind of things can you do?

Create a Store : Using the stuff provided to you in the pack, you are able to create a grocery store.

Create a Restaurant : Using the cash register inside this pack you are able to bill cards with their account number. The money is quickly sent and best of all, It doesn't take Lindens!

Own a Vending Machine : Ever want to sell Koala Cola? The best selling soda in the entire grid? (At least i think that.) You can easily do that with the Koala Cola Vending Machine provided in this pack.

Product Box Contents
- Making Expansion Packs (Notecard)
- RolePlay Store Expansion Help
- Nexus Mainstore Cyamenti
- RolePay API Starter Template (Script)
- RolePay Store Addon - Shelf
- RolePay Store Addon - Cash Register
- RolePay Store Addon - Shopping Basket Giver
- RolePay Store Addon - Vending Machine

Looking for extra information?
Have a look at our wiki here :

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Great rp item from nexus as always.

Veröffentlicht 23.11.2017 von Azrikam 5 Sterne

You really cant go wrong with any nexus product, they have really outdone themselves in how much more you can do rp wise!

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