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The S2 Desk/Wall Signs are an unscripted prop designed to be customized as needed, using textures instead of a script based text that causes lag and higher prim count. This product is designed to be realistic, versatile and convenient.

It includes both wall and desk versions, perfect for all applications. Comes in 4 materials: Plastic, metal, wood and brass. It can be tinted and customized in many ways.

Included there are 39 presets you can use out of the box, with a large variety of texts including ranks, job positions, areas and funny signs for fun or decoration.

You can easily make your own signs with the included textures or provided templates.

Its low prim mesh constructions makes each sign half prim when linked.

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  • Half prim, detailed quality mesh
  • Highly customizable - templates included
  • Wall and desk versions included
  • 39 included presets to use out of the box
  • wood, metal, brass and plastic options

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More than what I expected

Veröffentlicht 15.6.2019 von cootieman 5 Sterne

I was expecting the signs to be somewhat generic, but I was wrong. Each one is great quality and there is so many already loaded textures for them, and you can upload your own texture/name for them. The look great, and are a great addition to any RP sim.

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Looks great

Veröffentlicht 21.10.2018 von Airuhlagertha 4 Sterne

Looks great, haven't quite figured out how to make my own signs look like the similar font to the signs but love them still.

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  • 4.88 Sterne Rezensionen (8)

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