SEmotion Cutie AO HUD 3.9

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SEmotion Cutie AO HUD 3.9

- It includes 30 mocap bento exclusive animations
>> 5 stands, >> 5 sits, >> 5 groundsits
and 5 walks, crouch, landing, running, fly, hovering, fly up/down, jump, typing and away animations.

Totally bento hands animations, which give your hands a subtle lifelike movement when you are standing, sitting or lying anywhere! Slow movements, subtle lifelike movements! Your fingers no more look like broken. No twitches hands, no non-natural motions of fingers.

----- >>> Please get the DEMO before,it includes some animations from Pretty AO, only for acquaintance!

Some features:

>>> Easy and friendly HUD System
>>> Away ON / OFF
>>> More runs, jumps and flying!
>>> Sit anywhere
>>> Realtime scrolling poses
>>> Hugging anywhere
>>> Customize it!

And more, more...

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  • Realtime scrolling poses >> Standing, Sitting, Walking, Running, Jumping chooser
  • Update system! All updates are free.
  • Expressions! >> Smile, be sad or be angry via our system
  • Chat commands >> Control your HUD via commands in local chat
  • Typing ON / OFF >> Have you the favorite type animation? Load it to SEmotion!


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Verkauft von: Marie Sims
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