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Copyright©2017 Spider Productions. All rights reserved.
“Original Mesh Designed & Developed by Spider Carnot
Owner/Creator/CEO of Spider Productions
Striving for excellence to create the highest Ql items in Second Life since 2005
Any attempt to copy this work without a full written authorization from the author of this work
will be prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law. (copyright.gov)
☠ [ Spider Productions] ☠
Proudly Presents

The Ascendant Wings

Multiple pictures can be found full resolution here https://www.flickr.com/photos/55591493@N08/



* BENTO rigged Original Mesh Wings in 4 Sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large
* QL textures, normals, and spec gloss for "advanced lighting" rendering
* RGB Color change on multiple layers, Tint and Glow sliders, Custom color save options, and RGB code menu
* Opacity, Gloss, and Gloss Tint sliders, Gloss RGB Color change, Shine (4 Levels), Bright On/Off
* Idle random natural standing wing movement (7 animations) Open/Close, Flap, Shielding Embrace
* Easy to use Features H.U.D. + Hot bar Sound Effects with On/Off toggle
* Customizable gestures for extra freedom (Glide) (Wing Spin) for in flight or (Flap Once) for ground

* Enhanced Flight movement with custom animations for non-standard flight
Fly up/down 45 degree/bank/swoop/dive/glide and more!
Hover realistically while being lifted and synced with the wing movement
Fly forward + tap left or right to gently bank left or right
Fly forward + hold up to fly up on a 45 degree angle
Fly forward + hold down to swoop down on a 45 degree angle
2 Random sequence Fly forward animations
2 Random sequence bank/turn animations

* Human/Furry/Petite/Mini/Beast Compatible (compatibility may vary)
::TRY DEMO at SP Main Sim inworld before purchase::
Sent through Casper Update Service
Click Redelivery Terminal Anywhere in World to Receive All Future Updates
Recent Updates 1.0
* Tattoo buttons added (color, texture, toggle, and bright toggle)
* Tattoo textures (6 loaded) (scroll < > added)
* Tattoo Transparency and Glow slider
* Falling animation put to p4 for for better use of individual animations
* UV Textures now included due to popular demand for custom texture making


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spider-Productions/182219825279395
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SpiderProductionsSL1
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/55591493@N08/

VISIT: Spider Productions In-World at "Arachnid Island" in Second Life
JOIN: "Spider Productions" group to stay up to date on all things SP

*** All Ratings and Reviews are greatly appreciated and encouraged Thank You ***

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