(SP) Danny +++ Promo+++ Version Ҳ̸ º°‘¨ ¨‘°º Ҳ̸

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*SPECIAL SALE* Danny - 17 Skins (normal,3 beard, Tattoo, Hairy), Shape, Hair, Eye, Outfit & Shoes, ......)

SUPER PROMO Price L$ 299

◆ 17 Skin, combined individually -> normal,3 beard,Tattoo, Hairy <- (Copy)
◆ Shape (Modify, Copy)
◆ Hair Danny -Dark Blonde- (Copy/Resizer/Modify)
◆ Eye -Velvet- (Copy)

▂ ▃ ▅ Bonus Outfit - see Pic ▅ ▃ ▂

◆ Decision Leather Pants (Modify, Copy)
◆ sculpted Pants (Resizer, Copy)
◆ sculpted Pants Prims with Shoes (Resizer, Copy)
◆ Sweater (Modify, Copy)
◆ Sculpted Cuffs & Hoodie (Resizer, Copy)
◆ Boxer (Modify, Copy)



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➥ you like samy's look? so take a look at our blog ...
.... http://secretpassionstyle.wordpress.com/

Your Secret Passion Team

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don't waste yr money

Veröffentlicht 6.7.2019 von lamxx Leborski 2 Sterne

looks nothing like its sales pic, waste of time and lindens...dont bother

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Still haven't received L299 item, despite several attempts at requesting a delivery.

Veröffentlicht 22.1.2019 von WillCoder 1 Stern

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Invoice # 1493300779
Ordered on January 20, 2019
Order Status: Delivered
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(SP) Danny +++ Promo+++
Sold by Samy Firehawk Visit The Store Review Product Redeliver item 381191714 L$299 1 L$299

1 item has been delivered
Item(s) will be delivered to the Received Items folder.

Total: L$299 Can't contact store, no place to complain, Still no item. Is this a scam?

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Samy Firehawk ( Secret Passion )
Samy Firehawk ( Secret Passion )
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  • 3.67 Sterne Rezensionen (6)

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