Sculpted Caves 'n Dungeons Pack #1 by Cel Edman

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Looks SL still flat or just round? Enhancement for all builders, architects, cave, castle or dungeon creators. 30 Noisy sculpted building prims, for creating all kinds of more natural/interesting looking enviroments. Stones for you gardens or pools, create bumpy walls. More natural looking caves or dungeons.

30 Noisy and spikey sculpted geometric prims, its Sculpt texture is included as well.

The sculpties and sculpt textures are copy/mod/trans.
The box itself, and like overview pictures/addwork are non-trans, this is done against content theft and resellers.

Make sure, if you buy my boxes in SecondLife that I'm the seller of the box!(apez resell allowed though)
These sculpties are not for individual resell/repackage, violation will result in DMCA notification towards Linden.

Feel free to sell your builds/creations with these sculpts though.

Cel Edman's Pixel Lab(slurl) - Claremorris (4,25,23)



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Veröffentlicht 23.8.2007 von Shiina Petrov 5 Sterne

I'm really a beginner at this, but I've been able to put some cave feeling into my basement with these. It may take some experimenting to get used to the helper prims with some of the pieces (at least until SL fixes that part, assuming they will someday). But the shapes are marvelous and easy to work with. Only one warning: If you have slow graphics for viewing scenery, these may take a long time to show up when you come back to them. Probably, it's the same as with everything else that has so much detail.

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Veröffentlicht 9.8.2007 von Grafix Writer 5 Sterne

This is an awesome package! If you would like to see what can be done with them IM me in game and I will rez some awesome caves for you to see! I was so happy with this product I immediately purchased Cel's sculpted building blocks package, as well.

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