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The hologram table is the center piece to any modern sci fi scene... Its sleek design, and advanced functions will wow everyone...

✫ Click to get menu
✫ Easy to expand list of items that it can display
✮ Just drop a the object in to the table
✫ Highly detailed models
✫ Uses materials
✮ Normal Map
✮ Specular Maps
✫ All textures are full permissions
✮ You can change them up however you like.
✫ Texture Quality controls (texture size)
✮ 1024x1024
✫ Full permission scripts

I give full permissions to download all the texture used for
the purposes of modifying them and re-uploading them. All
textures can be found inside the objects.

After you make changes and uploaded it you can just apply your
texture to the table.

Holo objects
To add new holo object just drop the script "Holo Model" into the
content tab of the object you would like to display. Afterwards take
that object and drop it into the table. It will automatically be added
to the menu for rezzing. There is a max of 11 objects allowed, but
this limitation can be overcame if you adjust the script.

To get the object to position exactly where you want it, you can adjust
the size of the object by by adding secondary hidden prim.



  • Highly detailed models
  • Uses materials Specular, Normal Maps
  • Only 9 Prims
  • All scripts/textures are full permissions
  • Easy to expand list of items that it can display

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Great Sci Fi Prop, modifiable

Veröffentlicht 24.2.2021 von JoeMax93 4 Sterne

Looks great, sizable, modifiable, and I even as able to add my own "holograms" for it to display. Great product for the money. My only complaint is that it's bit prim heavy, but it gives you a lot of functionality for the price.

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Veröffentlicht 15.4.2017 von ZeelaSoulstar 5 Sterne

One of the nicest looking tables I've seen for the scifi scene, with an awesome holographic feature.

With a demo too, there is very little reason not to give this a try!

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