Skye Castle Build Kit Dungeon Texture Set Full Perms

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Full Permissions for builders

Design and texture your own dungeon!

I am proud to present these latest high quality textures.

In the pack you will find 56 textures which are designed to create a dungeon:
There are six contact sheets to help you select

In creating this set, I have gone for subtle variations on a theme. This will allow you to create a uniform effect with a natural textural richness.

There is a core stone pattern with variations to include arches, columns, floors (good for ceilings too). There are variations on these to give lighter darker and weathered effects.

You will also find, rusty iron and light ray effect textures.

I have included some bonues sample prims to demonstrate how the textures may be used.



Please Note: Textures purchased from SL Marketplace are licensed for use only within Second Life.
For an extended commercial licence please purchase from

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exquisite textures

Veröffentlicht 31.8.2012 von barbie Winslet 5 Sterne

This is a great value pack. It comes not only with one of the best stone texture sets i saw, but also with grid, rays of lights that you can apply for an awesome light effect. GREAT SET

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