Slowdance v2 by Bits and Bobs animations

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Slow dance v2

Synchronised looped couples dance animation ballset(30 second animation length), set requires 2 avatars to begin animation.

This is a revamped and extended version of this previously unreleased dance I made in 2005, but stopped work on in favour of the v3.

Video of this animation can be seen at

If you wish to view this animation inworld you can visit my main store at

The set is for sale at this location and there is a demo version for people to try, I strongly advise trying out the demo before buying as its impossible to demonstrate animations with static pictures on web pages.

Set responds to the following commands:

/1 hide - makes the ballset invisible.
/1 show - makes the ballset visible
/1 sync - resyncs the animations if it appears out of sync on viewer, can also be used to synchronise many sets together.
/1 reset - resets the scripts in the event of sim crash while being used or other SL issue
/1 locate - gives the sets location incase of accidental movement into floors etc

Set only uses a single private channel listen(not a listen in each ball),is fully modifiable for AV size, the colour/float text/listen channel/transparency etc is also modifiable.

All animations are entirely made by myself, I do not sell downloaded or animations that are in any part other peoples work.

Thanks for looking : )

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  • 30 second looped couple dance animation
  • Possible to sync multiple sets together
  • Fully modifiable and can be adjusted to suit AV sizes
  • Poseballs can be hidden and revealed on command

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Veröffentlicht 8.11.2009 von Avie Benoir 5 Sterne

I collect the Bits n Bobs V dances. There was 2 I was missing, this was one of them. Thank you.
Now I need V1 .. any ideas where to get it?

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Bits and Bobs animations
Bits and Bobs animations
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