BC~St Patty's "FINN" wTop Hat + Green Smoke PIPE ~ Resizer

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I created FINN FAIRY FOREVER with the thought in mind that you can mix and match any time of the year, yet have fun wearing particular items specifically for St Patrick's Day Celebration! I hope you enjoy!

The smoking pipe has nice green smoke emitting and textured brilliantly with kelly green ostrich leather with decor trim.

The utility belt comes equipped with LOTSA LOOT; as you can see the ostrich leather pouch with clovers and coins, another pouch overflowing with Irish Coins, lucky horse shoe, etc. (Yes - the resizer script is included here too.)

The Flexi Wings are detailed in texture for a brilliant flight in any sim!

A resizer script is in the prim items allowing you to modify for your personal size and shape. The items were designed for a tall male model size, so feel free to adjust as you need for yourself!

I have the honor in creating “themed” clothing and items for Two Moons Paradise to coordinate with their ongoing Events. This month (March 2013) I was asked to create for St Patrick’s Day.

I spend a lot of time in photoshop working with textures to create crisp details. My buyer's responses have been wonderful!

Feel free to send me a notecard with questions or requests.

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You can find many more items at my BamPu Legacies MAIN PALACE SHOP:


Bambi Chicque
BamPu Legacies

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  • Resizer Script
  • Emitter Pipe
  • Flexi Wings


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BamPu Legacies by Bambi Chicque
BamPu Legacies by Bambi Chicque
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