::Static:: Infernal Vision

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1. Texture change / recolor HUD
2. Animated eyes
3. Fitted by default to male and female BG Feline
4. Preset colors in the HUD for quick recolors!

These can be used on ANY avatar, not just the BG Feline, so feel free to mod it up! The permissions may say no mod, but SL lies. It's just the scripts inside. c:


- BG Feline skin mod - It's an unreleased product of mine. The Somali Cats will come out soon.
- Hair - [Gauze] Strider - Naturals
- Eyes (behind the flame) - ::Static:: Wild Eyes
- Top - ::Static:: Township Tube Top mod



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Veröffentlicht 9.8.2018 von DancingCoyote 5 Sterne

Needed floating, flaming eyes for some ghost characters with unconventional heads (in my case, headless and a dog skull). Gave these a shot to see if they'd work and they're exactly what I need. They look very nice in-world and the HUD for changing the color is extremely convenient.

I had to unlink the flames into two separate pieces (very easy to do) which allowed me to adjust the eyes into the spots I want them as well as point the flame's tail upward instead of to the side. The flames glitch a little sometimes by jumping around but I'm pretty sure this is because I'm using them on such weird avatars and in a weird way. They're well made and worth the money imo

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Exactly what I've been looking for.

Veröffentlicht 21.7.2018 von Zarudin 5 Sterne

While developing a character for RP, I needed something that would help illustrate the character's elemental electric abilities, but I was frightened at first that I would have to spend hours trying to perfect a particle script for the effect I had in mind. And then I found this, which I think is reasonably priced.

I especially love the fact that Infernal Vision is entirely mesh and not a particle effect, because particles have a negative effect on the performance of my 2013 laptop with integrated graphics. Infernal Vision also looks great on my 2010 desktop with a proper GPU. So far, I've tested it on my KZK Fox v3 with positive results, with more avatar testing to come as time goes on.

Thank you, Nama Gearz. Your hard work in creating Infernal Vision is highly appreciated.

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