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These paper tornadoes flutter around your avatar, but you can also rez them in-world as decor (5 prims). They’re sold in themed packs of 3!

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Too fast seriously...

Veröffentlicht 23.11.2019 von BestialKinks 3 Sterne

Well the texture is awesome and the movement of the sheets of paper too
BUT.. Almost unusable for me cause its fuc*** too fast! other players literally begs me to put it off because the animation gives them headache!
It would be greatly appreciate to have a slower version cause damn.. what a waste.. Could be great but no.. not that fast..

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Super good

Veröffentlicht 25.8.2019 von Falamh 5 Sterne

The effect is awesome, it looks amazing in motion. It's also mod, so I was able to drop a script in to turn it into a typer, which is fantastic. Would absolutely recommend this and I'd buy any of the other similar sets from this store in a heartbeat if I'm ever setting up a look that fits their theme. If you're thinking about buying this... buy it! (:

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  • 4.33 Sterne Rezensionen (3)

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