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Express yourself with Eyewear by Steinwerk Designs!

These fashionable sculpted sunglasses come in an array of vividly coloured frames with tintable and exchangeable lenses to suit you, no matter your personal style. They can be worn on your nose or head, complete with an up and down movement animation! Fitting glasses has never been easier thanks to the easy to use resize script. There are many styles to choose from and more to come, check them out!

The world never looked so good!


* Sculptie frames and lenses
* Texture change frames with baked textures
* Wide selection of lens textures
* Opacity changing lenses
* Easy fit, low-lag resize script
* Saveable positions for up/down and animations
* Click for menu - no HUD required!
* 2 optional gestures used to control menu and glasses movement

See the complete collection of Steinwerk Glasses and quality watches or visit the new mainstore located in Jouppi for a demo.

Steinwerk by Aveline Stein

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  • 19 lens options and 14 frame colors included - no need to pay extra.
  • up/down movement with animations that let you store your positions.
  • Includes 2 gestures for easy menu access and up/down movement.
  • Lens opacity control - change the transparency of your lenses.
  • Easy resize - low lag single script.

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Veröffentlicht 8.1.2018 von Paper Bagley 5 Sterne

Perfect fit on my meshy head... look utterly fantastic... now I got some tickets to write... and offenders to abuse.

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Great classic aviators, very versatile. Demo at inworld store.

Veröffentlicht 11.3.2014 von Vulpinus 5 Sterne

Fortunately I checked out the inworld store and found demos of these and other glasses. I liked the look but won't spend that much without trying them out. I'm glad I did!

They are a great classic aviator style; a little more sophisticated than many offerings rather than the hard-edged bad-boy look some have. Not that that's a bad thing if you like that look.

The frames on these are thicker than most, so you can actually see the colour of them. The picture in the advert here is quite accurate.There are plenty of colours to choose from in the menu for both lenses and frames, and variable opacity.

A previous reviewer said that you can't do the glasses up/down thing from the menu... you can now, as well as from a gesture hotkey.

Well worth the money!

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