Summertime Blue Country Manor(132 LI, 21x23)

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132 land impact, 21x23 base.
This charming country manor has a long verandah up and down for hot summer days and night and even a pergola at the back next to the kitchen and living area for barbecue days.
There are 3 rooms upstairs, one could be converted into a bathroom if you wish.
You could add a fireplace in the bay window, or a bookcase.
Please see the demo house at my in-world store.

Once you have drag the rezzer onto the ground, please raise the box up a little so that the house won't be partially buried in the ground.
Once you have 'freeze' the house, all rezzer scripts will be deleted and you will be able to modify your house if necessary Please remember to make copies.

I hope you enjoy decorating your new home!

Moon Falconer




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Verkauft von: Moon Falconer
Land erforderlich

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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