Sweet Baby - All Affiliates Vendors in A Box 1.0 Version 3.0

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NEW : mini shop included ! So you can set everything in less a minute !

Affiliate Vendors 25% to 30%
Almost 20 vendors are included on this pack.
Affiliate Vendor (25% to 30% Commission)
Low prime - 6 Only for each vendor.
100 Mesh.
Do a sale, and get 25% to 30%
The vendor is mod (not the scripts), So you can resize with ease.
Updater included to got the new vendors FREE.

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Love the update !

Veröffentlicht 3.6.2018 von Ammabellia 5 Sterne

I got the previous version, but the new update has a totally low prim cost ! Thank you

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VERY cute stuff but....

Veröffentlicht 17.6.2016 von Deelish Wishbringer 3 Sterne

VERY high land impact! 163 LI for all vendors and little shop (shop is only 17LI) Wish there was a lower prim option and 1LI multi vendors instead. The vendors are the old hippo type not casper and they restart every time they are moved. It says they're mod but they aren't so you cannot resize as stated and they are teeny...but I'm guessing if you made it bigger the LI would be even more since its mesh :\. Products look great though, I'll only keep it out until I need the prims unless the sales are REALLY good.

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Sweet Baby - Lovely Smiles - Little Sister
Sweet Baby - Lovely Smiles - Little Sister
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