=TBM= Xtreme V3

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=TBM= Xtreme V3


Real SL aerobatic airplane, with a normal aerobatic mode, "Hardcore" mode and a "Hyper Hardcore" mode.

Textures are modifiable, create your own Xtreme plane !!

A group has benn created especially for =TBM= aerobatic airplanes for having free add-ons, free textures/templates for your plane:
the "=TBM= Custom Group":

-------------★★What's new in this V4 version ???★★--------------

- better mouselook mode: you can pilot easily in mouselook view now.

- park mode (go up to 5% of throttle, then write 'p' for park mode on/off)
(only on prims, won't work on SL ground)

- all new flight script (better for sim-crossing)

- only the owner can open/close the canopy on flyable versions. the canopy will be automatically closed up to 15%

(V version : 2014 july 23th / 23 juillet 2014).

-----------------------★★Pack contents★★--------------------------

★ Display model (not scripted, except the canopy)
★ Flyable model
★ Flyable model for petite avatar
★ Flyable model for tiny avatar
★ Poster
★ Notices EN
★ Repaint kit Template for :

☆ Fuselage
☆ Wings
☆ Ailerons
☆ Stabilizer
☆ Elevator
☆ Rudder

------------------------★★Terms of use★★--------------------------
You can modify all parts of this plane except all script, you can make livery with templates and share&resell
ALL templates is full permissions, you can share & resell it

you will find free textures and free additionnal smoke tanks on our mainstore on Sunny Field Airport.

a group is dedicated to all TBM customers: the "=TBM= Custom Group",
by joining it, share textures, parts, & tricks with others ;)


← Left Arrow - Bank Left (Turn Left on the Ground)
→ Right Arrow - Bank Right (Turn Right on the Ground)
Shift + Left Arrow- Rudder left ( Work only in exterior view not in mouslook)
Shift + Right Arrow - Rudder right ( Work only in exterior view not in mouslook)
↑ Forward Arrow - Nose Down
↓ Back Arrow - Nose UP
▲ Page up - Throttle increase
▼ Page Down - Throttle Decrease

5%-10% = TAXIWAY
35% = TAKE-OFF
30% - 45% = CRUISE MODE

---------------------★★Chat commands★★-------------------------


- start - Start the engine

- Stop - Stop the engine

- p - parking mode ON/OFF (needs throttle up to 5% on a prim, won't work on SL ground)


- i - Toggle on or off the smoke system (auto stop at 10% engine speed )


- c - Toggle views

☆☆Harcore mode☆☆

- h - Switch modes (Harcore on / off)

- hh - Switch modes (Hyper Harcore on / off)


Updater inside.

☆ rafaell sorbet
☆ tania Lacombe
☆ tania Bouvier

--------------------------★★Thanks to★★---------------------------

☆Script = Tania Bouvier
☆Purple Livery = Mustang Bing
☆model = Rafaell Sorbet

special thanks to all TBM tests pilots and customers: your feedbacks are so important for us, ty again :)

=TBM= Tania Bouvier Motors 2014

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Veröffentlicht 7.2.2014 von Alyxx Breen 5 Sterne

Would you believe 10 people saying this plane is the best acro plane ever? Would you believe 10 people saying it's just pure fun, pure adrenaline flying this plane? Well you should! To be honest, after i've read Tig Spijkers' review, i knew i had to have this babe. *giggles* Thanks Tig and all the other reviewers for making it soooo easy for me to spend those 2000L$ on that great plane! Thanks =TBM= for building it!
Thank heavens for letting me find it *laughs*

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An Extremely Fun, Maneuverabile, Agile, Aerobatic Plane

Veröffentlicht 22.7.2013 von Karolyne Muircastle 5 Sterne

This airplane was most appropriately named. It is extremely fun to fly this plane. It is extremely fun to fly because it is extremely responsive,extremely agile, extremely maneuverable, extremely fast, and crosses sim lines extremely well. It is extremely detailed and well finished and textured.

It is also extremely versatile because of its 3 modes (standard,hardcore,and hyper-hardcore). Even for the beginning pilot in SL this is an extremely good choice because it can grow with you as your skills grow. When you move into the hyper-hardcore modes this plane is extremely awesome and challenging. Hammerheads,rolls, spins, hovers, stalls -- just about anything that you see aerobatic pilots do at a RL airshow can be done in SL with this plane. It has the most responsive functional rudder of any plane in SL.

Oh, did I mention the great smoke system this plane has? And the builder is a great person to do business with. She offers an abundance of free extras such as double and triple smoke systems. helmets, a 4 bladed prop,and many free additional textures for the plane.

I have been in SL for years and my favorite activity is aerobatic flying. You have to experience it to understand the feeling of movement,speed,excitement, and grace it can convey to your mind and through your mind to your body. One minute you can be waltzing and in the next you can be on an extreme roller coaster. I have flown every aerobatic airplane in SL and others as well.

Now I would like to be able to say that this plane is the best aerobatic plane in SL but I can't because the same builder also makes the Kronos which I also own and which also is a terrific aerobatic plane.. So let's just say that this builder makes the best aerobatic planes that have ever existed in SL.

You can buy this plane with confidence it will please you. When you own a =TBM= plane you will become a part of a group of the best aerobatic pilots in SL.

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