THE WAVE multianimated furnished house skybox OVER 260 ANIMATIONS

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* 60x60 meters (4096 sqm or more)
* 485 prims full furnished
* splashable multianimated pool
* Ambient Sound Controller: lake and woods sounds.
* Remote Control System for windows, doors, radio, security and lights
* 3 floor (1 empty)
* Security System (needs permissions on the land) with menu access option: with menu access options: all, group, managers, or owner only; adjustable scanrange; adjustable delay
* privacy windows 3 positions: open, weave open and closed.
* lockable doors
* radio (needs media permissions on the land)
* lights 5 intensity/brightness positions and over 50 colors
* Rental Mode
* relay deedable with group
* plants & trees
* garden
* free update for life
* high quality textures
* rez-faux

Furniture is animated with no static and no freebie poses.
IMPORTANT: furniture is not linked with house. You can move or delete it like prefer.

* 4 different rugs
* 6 different paints
* 4 different potted plants
* Adjustable multianimated couch MLP 98 high quality animations
* multianimated bed MLP high quality animations w/props,
* dresser + mirror
* cabin
* 3 different adjustable multianimated armchairs
* 3 different coffee tables
* 3 different bookshielf
* dinner table 74 high quality animations
* dinner chairs
* Kitchen (water on/off)
* fireplace (on/off)
* Drink Dispenser (give over 60 different drinks)
* multianimated adjustable bar
* multianimated adjustable stools
* 2 different vases
* multianimated adjustale office chair
* desk with computer for Viewer 2
* TV Vievew 2
* animated sink
* animated wc
* bath stool
* Hottub MLP high quality animations
* multianimated adjustable sunbed
* multianimated adjustble float


* You can read FAQ at WWW.INSIDEPREFABS.NET and request support trought the form you can find in the SUPPORT page;
* All istructions about setting and operation into the package (english)
* Send an IM or a notecard in world for additional support (english, italian)
* If Xstreet fails to deliver the item, send an IM inworld with number and date of the translation for redeliver

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  • High Quality Animations & Textures
  • Remote Controlled
  • Security System
  • Ambient Sound
  • Free Update & Support

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Still the Best!

Veröffentlicht 7.11.2018 von Aeriabella 5 Sterne

I bought this house years ago, when it was still new on the MP, and I have to tell you that in all this time, I still think it's one of the nicest, best put together homes out there. The design, the colors, the floor plan, they are all beautiful. I never get tired of walking through it and admiring its sleek design. I love the ability to control the security, the lights, and even mod it as I like. It has more than enough room for all the living you want to do in it, but I have even managed to add a fourth floor to mine for a large (huge!) studio and change room. Now who wouldn't want to be able to do that with their home without wrecking the lines of the design of the build? By far one of the most beautiful, open designs available. And I intend on continuing to live in mine for a good long time to come. Thank you so much for such a great house.

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I Heart This!

Veröffentlicht 6.11.2016 von Devi Longfall 5 Sterne

I love this house! Great job!

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