TWO STALL THATCH STABLE - From Castle Clan - Mesh Castles & Cottages

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Rustic Animal Shelter from GreatScott McMillan.

Thank you for your Interest in The two Stall Thatch Stable - NOW IN MESH

Price: $200 Lindens
Permissions: Modify / Copy / No Transfer
Prims: 12
Size: 10 x 10 Meters - Fits on a 512 or larger lot
Height: 8 meters
Year Built: 2008 AD - Meshed in 2014

This Stable has a look and feel that matches many lifestyles. Made to be simple, this item has no moving part. It will fit Two horses or other animals without problem, and includes Hay. The sides are wooden, with wooden beams and the flooring is suitable for any pet. There is no rezbox... so Simply Drag the Stable out of the sales box onto the ground... and lower it to your desired depth. It is Copy/Mod, so set up as many as you like!

Teleport over to our Showroom or Rezzers to see the Building in SL Greatscott McMillan's Castle Clan

We use the "Jack in the Box" rezzing system. This excellent rezzing system allows for easy to use for anyone. Simply drag the Unpacker from your inventory onto the floor, Touch it and select "Rez" from the menu. Wait while the entire structure rezzes in a pile and then snaps into position.

GreatScott Mc Millan


Because my structures are Copy/Mod, I cannot allow for any refunds if your purchase was in error. This method of Copy/Mod allows you as the purchaser to rezz multiple version of your structure, or alter it to suit your desire, all with the security of knowing you have an original version in your inventory as backup. Due to many possible mistakes in rezzing large structures, this is the best method of safety. So please be sure the structure you wish to buy will fit onto your property, both in size, and in prim allowances before your purchase. Thank you!

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GreatScott McMillan's CASTLE CLAN
GreatScott McMillan's CASTLE CLAN
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