BRR Tp Rider Animations: Jockey Beta050

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*** THIS IS BETA ***

* It is subject to break in future Teeglepet updates.

* It WILL be updated for these Teeglepet updates.(*)

* You WILL be able to get the updates using your Marketplace Redelivery.

* You WILL be able to get the final version update for no additional cost.(*)

* The price of the final version WILL be higher than the Beta version.

--- To Be Informed of Updates ---
Please join the Brass Ring Ranch group.

*** WARNING ***

This requires editing of your Teeglepet horse. If you have a no copy horse, improper editing may cause your horse to cease functioning.
If this should happen, you need to request a redelivery of your horse.

Video Editing Instructions:

(*): Barring unforeseen circumstances, acts of God, and such things like me dying before that happens. Just sayin'.

These rider animations will replace the default animations in your Teeglepet horse. The Jockey set features:

* High stirrups (actual stirrups not included, but your feet are high on the horse)

* Standing Canter

* Crouched Gallop and Jump

NOTE: this set does NOT work with passengers on your horse.

ALSO: Includes the Brass Ring Ranch Riding Crop, with animations.

* Classic tip or Soft tip

* Hold upright or inverse, automatically switches with gait

* HUD and/or keyboard controlled

NOTE: the animations are designed to work with the Jockey gallop, and may not function properly with other animations.

NOTE: you cannot activate the crop animation unless your are galloping

Teeglepet only -- animations not tested with other rideable horses.

It will NOT work with the Teegle Avatar riding system. Sorry :/


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  • ** This is in BETA - see below
  • for Teeglepet Rideable Horses
  • Jockey style riding animations

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The best rider animation I ever saw in SL!!
full star full star full star full star full star Veröffentlicht 28.1.2022 von Selentic Firebrand

This is really the best and most realistic horse riding animation existing in SL! Absolutely awesome and phantastic!

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very bad
full star empty star empty star empty star empty star Veröffentlicht 14.1.2021 von wildjanice

The animation for the price is bad and when the horse jumps the rider rocks back and forth .

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