Texture Barn: Snowflake Appy for Teegle Horses & Pets

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Texture packs designed to fit on all sizes of the Teeglepet horses as well as the Teegle Rigged Mesh Horse avatar. (Bento) Customize the look of your horses!

Pack comes with a variety of options in an easy to use HUD. Just wear the HUD, click the appropriate buttons, and voila!

This set includes 8 different base body colors with a few spot roan appaloosa top coat. Base colors include Black, Bay, Dark Bay, Red Bay, Palomino, Dun, Sorrel and Silver Dun.

This pack is for the textures/skins only. Horse is sold separately. These textures are copy for your own personal use only, NOT FOR RESALE. All textures are copyright LadyJess Przhevalsky.


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LadyJess Przhevalsky - The Texture Barn - LJ Farms
LadyJess Przhevalsky - The Texture Barn - LJ Farms
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