The Edge Pack #1 *Reloaded* by Cel Edman

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Enhancement for all builders. The Edgepack pack contains 51 hard-edges geometric sculpties, the Sculpt texture are included as well. Nice for building ornaments and prim-savers.

-Reloaded; 64x64 images. Fixed poles, symmetry and rotation.

The sculpties and sculpt textures are copy/mod/trans.
The box itself, and like overview pictures/addwork are non-trans, this is done against content theft and resellers.

Technical details:
I tried to do my best making these sculpties geometric as possible. But since the sculpty 3D data is read from a picture this means the whole model 3D data is generated between 0 and 255 in XYZ data points.(and I can't use floating point numbers) For my sculpties I try to use the full spectrum between 0 and 255 when converting my 3D model to a 2D sculpt-picture, so less detail gets lost.
Although for this first hardedge-sculpty-set, perfect pixel aligning for some of these sculpties, when you copy & rotate them and try to align them together, can sometimes result in little parts overlapping, or worse some zflutter. I just want to let you know about this, before people might get dissappointed.

Make sure, if you buy my boxes in SecondLife that I'm the seller of the box!(apez resell allowed though)
These sculpties are not for individual resell/repackage, violation will result in DMCA notification towards Linden.

Feel free to sell your builds/creations with these sculpts though.

Cel Edman's Pixel Lab(slurl) - Claremorris (4,25,23)



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Veröffentlicht 20.4.2009 von Jessanne Janus 5 Sterne

By far and away the best sculpt maker I've found!

Bravo Cel Edman!

Also got his SculptyPaint program, and it is great!

5 STARS all the way!

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Veröffentlicht 28.3.2008 von Classy Patton 5 Sterne

Great pack!

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