emmys koi child of hope version 2.2

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Koi artwork depicting hope and good luck to all who wear based on oriental portraits



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Poorly Made

Veröffentlicht 8.6.2020 von SeleenMay 1 Stern

Poorly Made Tattoo, Imperfections in the texture used that wasn't removed that should have been before the texture was Uploaded to Second life, top Right Shoulder White, bottom of the Butt cheeks same thing, Sorry to be harsh but you rushed to get this onto SL without making sure the texture imperfections had been removed first, spend more time on your craft before putting it out to sell

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Veröffentlicht 6.10.2013 von ShaeShaddo 1 Stern

the model's position in the pic hides the fact that the tattoo cuts off at mid thigh without any transition at all, as though a page from a picture book was sliced in the middle of the page. also, this tattoo is obviously two pieces lined up together (even though it is sold as a full body) because the joined part-the waist- is NOT lined up; the top and the bottom are off by what would be about an inch on a human body. i am VERY disappointed. I'd rather pay more money for a better tattoo that i would be proud to wear than less money for a tattoo i will NEVER wear.

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