SonicBlu Darkfold - Yerf! I Feel Like A Furry!

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Hello, parody fans! SonicBlu Darkfold here. Over the years, I have released about 10 albums, chock full of parody songs and originally written songs. I was suggested to upload all my singles by a friend many years ago, and I only just now got around to taking his advice. Available now on SL, I will be featuring all of my greatest hits as singles, and I'm not stopping with just releasing the singles, but I'm also going to include a free functional record player so you can play my singles in world! How cool is that? Keep checking back to my marketplace for any new single releases! Now for some information about this item...

This particular song is taken from my first album in 2004, and is my third single release, called "Yerf! I Feel Like A Furry!". The record player itself is fully functional, complete with a cabinet lid, turntable, arm stylus, and the record does spin along with the turntable. Click the cabinet door to open the record player, and then click the spinning record to play the song. Click it again to stop the song at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: The song may skip or hesitate during your first time playing, but if it happens, let the song play through the first time, and by the second time you play it, it should play without skips or hesitations. (This is very normal, due to issues either with lag in Second Life or how fast of an internet connection you may be using.)

--------The Legal Stuff----------
"Yerf! I Feel Like A Furry!",
a parody of "Man! I Feel Like A Woman" by Shania Twain.
Original lyrics written by Shania Twain and Robert "Mutt" Lange
©1997 Mercury Nashville Records
Parody lyrics written by SonicBlu Darkfold
Recorded and mixed at Time Machine Records Studio
Columbus, Ohio
© 2004 Time Machine Records. All rights reserved.
Any duplication, distribution, or unlawful copying of this material without the written consent of the artist is prohibited.



  • Comes complete with functional record player
  • Click to open the cabinet, and then click the record to start/stop the song.
  • Song plays in its entirety.
  • Decorative. Matches any decor.


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