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Toilet Paper Trike (wearable)

Suits Dinkies

Why run out of toilet paper or horde your stash inside? Just jump on your trike and ride around in style keeping your TP safe with you!, this is powered by an engine, so no peddling your little legs off!

Ride around Second Life in Style!

2 additional license plates, 'TP KING' and 'TP QUEEN' added.

This trike features:

- Custom sit animation.
- Designer rims.
- Air horn.
- Rotating wheels and rims on movement, stationary when not moving.
- Engine sound on movement, silent when stationary.
- Wearable, not rez, means you can ride your trike anywhere!
- Uses base speeds of walk/run, so easy to handle.
- Additional NoS (nitrous oxide) bottle ('boost' bottle is a speed enhancer with percentage adjustment).
- Additional NoS (nitrous oxide) bottle (no 'boost' bottle is for aesthetics only).
- Second Life number plate on back with multiple license plates texture changer.
- Realistic burnout option.
- 5 weapon buttons, Water cannon, flame thrower, smoke gun, glitter attack & cootie spray. Each with particles, sound and text.
- All controls HUD driven (HUD included).
- HUD can be resized with edit>stretch.
- Exhaust Flame.
- 22 Rim designs.

Trike attaches to Avatar Center and animates your avatar to sit on wearing, please use 'add' to wear on Trike and NoS bottles.

Please turn off your AO before attaching, as it may effect the sit animation.

**This may suit other tinies, but was modeled using a Dinkie Cat AV and standard Dinkie shape**

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  • Dinkie
  • Trike
  • Wearable
  • Custom
  • Burnouts


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