UFO v3.7 Series: Space UFO Invader, Tiny UFO Invader, Mega UFO Visitor Version 3.7

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-- User's Quick Info --

Three UFO versions, the 20m Space Invader, a 7m Invader version for Tinies,
and the 50m Mega UFO Visitor (unarmed).

UFO Invaders and UFOx50 use a custom engine that can transport multiple avatars under
manual or auto-pilot modes. Ships are composed of 32 prims and thus are capable of
using physical flight modes, in addition to the normal non-physical warp engine mode.

A Menus Hud which allows full access to various Vehicle, Options
and Settings menus.

Landmarks are fully supported such that you're able to drop a Landmark onto the vehicle,
the filename info will provide a Grid global coordinate with which you many choose a
Warp or Auto-Pilot function using the LM's global location.

Local sim locations may also be entered using the ship's Sim Map touch screen.

An Engine Control Panel allows access to Vehicle controls and Main Hud menus

. On/Off enables the vehicle to access the avatar's control keys.
. Menu accesses the Main Hud
. Mode selects physical and non-physical flight modes
. 'Stop' applies a momentary damping field and stops all on-going controls
. Display toggles the Vehicle Rate Display (m/sec)

Ships have three flight modes, Warp, MoveTo and Impulse.

. The 'Impulse' acts like a physical anti-gravity vehicle, completely controlled by
it's inertia produced by the 'thrusters' on all six sides.

. Warp is a non-physical vehicle mode which uses llSetRegionPos for inner
sim travel and WarpPos for multi-sims.

. Modes may be switched at any time.

. MoveTo is also a physical mode, but movement is incremental and precise.


Hud Menu controls all ship functions, but you can touch:

- Pilot's Engine Panel
- Landmarks Selection Panel
- Sim Map Display for local sim LM creation
- Ship Functions Panel
- Docking Panel (when switched from LM Panel)
- Pilot's Chair Seat for sitting on it
- Center Connection Hull for Main Menu Hud

UFO Invader allows:

- Pilot's Right Arm to toggle Sim Map as Static/Rotate
- Pilot's Left Lower Arm to toggle LM Panel to Docking Panel
- Pilot's Left Upper Arm to clear Text Chat Messages

- Pilot's Chair and Bench

. MouseLook points the Canon
. Touching the chairs changes ammo type
. Left Mouse button fires it

- Command Hull Table/Bench

. Left, Right, Top and Bottom of bench activates various
. ship functions such as lights and hatch controls

- Outside Lower Ring to access TelePorter Tube

UFOx50 allows:

- Sim Map's lower bar to toggle Sim Map as Static/Rotate
- Sim Map's upper bar (left side) to toggle LM Panel to Docking Panel
- Sim Map's upper bar (right side) to clear Text Chat Messages

- Outside/Inside door buttons to open/close main portals

- Ramps to expand/close for upper levels access

- Teleport pads from pilot's level to second level

Both ships allow

- Portal touches and Hud menus to open/close them

. Portals are Hud Lockable

-- Ship Features --

- Pilot Touch Panels for major ship controls

- Sim Map Display with touchable local sim location selection

- Running Lights

- Interior Lighting Panels

- Color Controls for Running Lights and select Hull Surfaces

- Landmarks Management

- Pilot's LM Touch Selection Panel

- Warp and Auto-Pilot usage of LM and Sim Map locations

- Ship-to-Ship Chat Communications

. Hud Menus to find and select other ships or rezzers
. Chat Text Box for easy sending of messages
. Prim Text Display of incoming chat msgs

- Front, Rear and 5 Side Canons (UFO Invader Only)

. Side, Bench, Rear and Captain's Chairs have access to Canons
. Hud menu locks/unlocks Gunners' Canons
. Ammo may be customized or replaced using notecards

- Shields

. Entry to Command Hull is closed off
. Upper/Lower dome ports are blocked off.
. Prevents access to sitting from the outside
. Collisions activate a momentary 'stop' on all motions

- Engine Control Keys

- Key Left, rotate left
- Key Right, rotate right
- Key Up, move forward
- Key Down, move backwards
- Page Up, move upwards
- Page Down, move downwards
- Shift Left, move left sideways
- Shift Right, move right sideways
- Page Up+Down, stop all motion & controls
- Key Up+Down, auto-repeater function

- Teleporter Tube

. Partially drops down from command hull to allow guests to enter
. Drops down to ground, maximum length is 50m.

- Standalone Player Functions

. Auto Landing, Warp or Auto-Pilot for a slow touch-down
. Wander mode
. Idle movements when parked
. Auto-Pilot/Warp to your location (using Rezzer Comm)

- TOS (Tao Operating System)

. Virtual Multi-Core CPU / Interpeter
. All ship's functions are programmed using notecards which
. interact with companion APIs.
. It's possible to add your own custom notecard 'scripts'

Docs and Info on Google Drive:



  • Custom physical/non-physical engine (WarpPos + llSetRegionPos)
  • Pilot and two gunners with access to a variety of anti-griefer weapons
  • ship has auto-pilot ablities with drop landmarks or sim map touch screen
  • ship can be commanded to perform an 'Alien Abduction' manuver
  • comes with rezzer that can locate the ship grid-wide or ship-to-ship chat


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