UNA Deluxe Card Game Table - Similar to UNO - Brock card games Version 12

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Una Deluxe - From "Brock Gaming"

Up to 8 players play a game similar to Uno. Try to get rid of all your cards by playing the same color or number as the last played card. Skips, Reverses, Draw 2's and EVEN WILD CARDS! Watch out for those Draw Four Wilds..

Now with robots! Simply choose how many robots you would like after pressing start.

This game is fully animated with flipping cards and everything! When you force your opponent to draw 4, you really see them DRAW 4!

Now this is the Deluxe version of Una, so you also have the the option of using the new Deluxe Deck, which have 4 new types of cards including All Draw, No Wild, Play Again and the very rare Draw 10 card.

Play "Draw till you can play" or you can select passing after drawing 1 card. It's up to you.

The game is played through a HUD. Just have a seat and a HUD will attach and you are ready to have fun!

This game is a lot of fun for just 2 players or up to 8!

Sound, Animation, Beautiful full-color detailed cards all on a table that seats up to 8 players! All this and only 24 prims!

Comes with mod/transfer permissions. Change the colors/textures on the table to match your decor, or give it to a friend as a gift!

Come to Brock Gaming in Bunyip and come see all our games!

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5 stars

Veröffentlicht 24.10.2012 von Arden Vesuvino 5 Sterne

awesome product, we having tons of fun with this and it works perfect.

great job.

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Second lifes most expensive piece of rubbish

Veröffentlicht 18.7.2012 von Ebenezer Edwardstone 1 Stern

I had V5 that was faultless but after donating it to a childs sim I purchased another expecting wonderful improvements. It is delivered as old stock that you then update to V7. At first it appeared excellent featuring robotic play though the new scripting hadnt been thought out properly ie you are told to get a hud by touching the bottom of a seat when in fact it is now accessed by the menu button. Suddenly, half way through a game V7 became totally inoperative with the start button vanishing. Despite taking and rerezzing a number of times it has remained cold dead. Mr Brock has been IMd 3 times and sent several notecards over 72 hours, no answer has been the stern reply. As previous reviewers have reported he clearly is not interested once he has your money. Beware!

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