US Army Air Corps Full Outfit WWII

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These Uniforms celebrate the Tuskegee Airmen during seen in a number of movies. They achieved renown for their tenacity and fighting spirit.
The included A2 Leather flying jacket with a warm fleecy lining, was typically worn over Europe.

These outfits are deliberately low prim with limited attachments and no resizing scripts. Copy items BEFORE altering them in any way.



  • US Army Air Corps Class A Uniforn, Jacket & Trousers.."Pinks"
  • Flight Suit, 99th Pursuit squadron
  • Leather A2 Flying Jacket, European Theatre, 99th Pursuit Squadron
  • USAAC Officers Peak Cap
  • Aviator Sunglasses

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This was given as a gift and I wish the money could be refunded.

Veröffentlicht 10.2.2020 von AlPrunty 1 Stern

Even as a system body I can not get rid of this white band around the belly.

Very poor quality not as in the pictures. I even wore the boy next door system shape to see if it was my shape and it's not my shape.

Very disappointed... I doubt that this seller is active on SL anymore I wish we could get a refund.

Buyer beware

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retracting my first review

Veröffentlicht 11.6.2014 von Quarlo Quandry 4 Sterne

Originally, when I bought this item I received only an empty folder and could not find the vendor for help. So, I wrote an "avoid this vendor" review. Since then, I see that I have been sent a redelivery. That is a good thing and I appreciate it. The vendor is trying to do the right thing. I gave 4 stars based on that. Thank you, Avandan Grantham, wherever you are!

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