VKC® Copper Siberian Husky - Artificially Intelligent (AI) Trainable Dog - No Food Required - Virtual Kennel Club Dogs

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  • Free Roaming. Active. Natural Behavior.
  • Ready to go. Requires no food. All extras are entirely optional.
  • Artificial Intelligence. Learns what you like the dog to do.
  • Trainable. Easy training system. Free Classes Available.
  • No Food Required. Does Not Die. Cannot Be Lost

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Wonderful AI Pet!

Veröffentlicht 14.3.2013 von Nikilei 5 Sterne

I am so happy I purchased the VKC husky. I am having a great time learning how much he can do. We were sitting on the grass today and I looked up to see he had walked away to watch some birds that were on the ground. He was greeting them! I didn't tell him to do that, he did that on his own. I noticed he is eager to greet whatever is around him that has a name or tells me when he notices something but I also need to keep an eye on him for awhile so he doesn't get into any trouble. He gets along fine with my other animals and I haven't had any problem between my HUD driven animals and my "chat" VKC husky. I am excited to see what he will do next.

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Love It !!!

Veröffentlicht 6.4.2012 von CelineDeLionCourt 5 Sterne

This is the most amazing interactive dog I have ever seen. I love my dog. After showing my friends they all want one too. The dog is so easy to use, you just rez it somewhere that you are able to rez, be sure not to try to open it though or you will break it. Once rezzed your dog is ready to go. No HUD required, which is nice for me because personally I think I have enough huds to keep track of. Even better for me is that you do not have to feed him, they eat only for enjoyment. I have not done a bunch of training with my dog, instead he already came knowing simple commands and if I want to train him further I only have to take a training class on how to do it. What I did find interesting is that if you want to train him and do not have the time yourself you can actually get one of the instructors to train him for you at your convenience. How easy is this? My dog has the cutest animations too, when I pet him my avatar gets down and gives him a big hug. I love this dog. I do not see any reason why anyone should be unhappy about this purchase. I would rate him a 10/10.

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Virtual Kennel Club (VKC)
Virtual Kennel Club (VKC)
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