VR-TECH Hanging FX 3 Square LED Lights

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VR-TECH is proud to present you the new ColorUp LED FX Mesh Hanging Light!

Our new and first product released on marketplace is a sci-fi inspired masterpiece, ready to enhance any place in SecondLife. It includes 3 amazing colour effects along with glow and many more features you can find below.

Includes 100% Crafted Mesh+materials (high quality lowest LI luxury mesh & advanced lighting effect).

Create an infinite number of unique colour combinations to match your mood.

➜ Video Tutorial (link below) and 7-day support included!

➜ VR-TECH items come with life-time free updates!



• High Quality LED Mesh Lamp with square Shapes.
• Complete, user-friendly Controller - (rezzable and HUD versions included).
• 3 Stunning Colour Effects.
• Unlimited Colours, 9 Presets.
• Advanced Lighting: READY!
• Unique Glow Slider.
• Asymmetrical Colour customisation! Personalise colour only on the rings you want.
• Controller Security, lockable at the touch of a button.


• POWER ON-OFF Button.
• MOD – COPY permission for the mesh (to resize). COPY for the scripts (do NOT unlink the lamp or controller).
• Low Lag Script. Low Land Impact Mesh.


■ PACKAGE Includes :

►ColorUP! Square Light v1
►VR-TECH ColorUP! Square Rezz Controller
►VR-TECH Rezz Controller Stand


*** WARNING: Do NOT unlink - Make sure the land allows you to use scripts. ***


© Copyright VR-TECH, Virtual HI-TECH quality products for Second Life - All Rights Reserved.

No templates or prefabricated Mesh/Textures used. Violation will result in DMCA take down notification
towards Linden. Any Copy or Imitation will be considered a Copyright Violation in accordance with
the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) unless authorized by Puzzlemagnet & Gordon Petrovic, and
treated accordingly.

☎ You can also join the customer group "VR-TECH" to be informed of the updates, latest creations, events, promotions and sales!
■ All enquiries and support should be directed to Puzzlemagnet or Gordon Petrovic via NOTECARD in-world as IM's get capped.
■ Alternatively you can send an email to vr-tech@hotmail.com

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