Ravenghost Interiors Victorian Gothic Chair Set(Brown)

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Thank you for choosing Ravenghost products!

■ Features:
▶ 20 carefully chosen animations (NEW MOCAP couples animation and NEW props animations)
▶ Classic and quality building materials from exotic locales (Unique Custom Textures)
▶ One of a kind classic design, timeless styling (not built from someone else's "kit" this is a unique piece you will be proud to own)
▶ Functional and highly detailed candle stick with color change wax
▶Gorgeous end table scenes with working incense smoke and table top candle.
▶ 100% Mesh
▶ Matching ottoman with female and male sits
▶ 5 bonus highly detailed pillow textures to chose from
▶ Low Prim (all this detail, all these options in only 8 prims)
▶ Lag free scripts
▶ COPY (use in as many places as you want, make a backup too)

■ Instructions (ease of use is evident)
▶ Rez in a script enabled region
▶ Sit on chair or ottoman
▶ Touch the table top to rez scenes
▶ Touch the chair back to chose pillow textures or chose them from the sit menu if you prefer

■Free Updates and Support
▶ For any support issue just IM or notecard Ravenghost7
▶ For any support issue just IM or notecard Ravenghost7


● Dragon Leather Chair & texture change pillows: 5 LI/PE prims

● Dragon Leather Ottoman with animations: 2 LI/PE prims

● Antique Candlestick with color change wax and realistic fire: 3 LI/PE prims

●Companion end table with optional scenes: 2 LI/PE prims

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  • One of a kind design (not built from someone else's "kit" )
  • 20 QUALITY animations
  • 5 Gorgeous pillow textures to chose from
  • 2 outstanding end table scenes (not built from someone else's kit)
  • Bonus Ottoman with female and male sits


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