Voice Lesson: Paid 20 minute

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Congratulations! You can have voice lessons online, useful for singers, vocalists, speakers, choristers, actors, professionals, amateur and "non-" singers.

To get a free 7 mintue introductory lesson, contact me to make a quick appointment:

SL: Mentor Karas
Skype: voice.mentor
web: http://www.voice-mentor.com
email: mentor@@voice-mentor.com <--- please delete extra @: even mentors avoid spam.
blog: http://garyshanno.blogspot.com/
Phone: 503-761-1837 (USA)

I specialize in working with "non-singers" and hopeless cases using my skills as a physical therapist, physicians' assistant, lifestyle counselor, special-education teacher and professional vocalist. I coach gifted singers and professionals drawing on a wide range of experience and training in performance and presentation practices.

http://www.voice-mentor.com gives more information, including my resume and audio samples. I make myself available often on line.

Try a free lesson. What have you got to lose? (One per customer, please)

If you like my service, you can buy more lessons though SL Exchange, www.voice-mentor.com or direct from Mentor Karas Rates: 7 minutes: 7 USD. 20 minutes: 17 USD. 45 minutes: 37 USD.




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