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Note: This is our second generation WEARABLE ATTACHMENT version of this car. It goes everywhere you go and does not support passengers. We also make a RIDE/REZ version that supports passengers available separately at our Marketplace store.

We at the Wingsong Dojo make loads of horse related animals, vehicles, and tack. Now we're going HORSELESS!

The Wagonwrights and the Mechanics at the Wingsong Dojo have made numerous buggies, carts, wagons, roadsters, gocarts, space ships, planes, boats, and a bunch of other cars. They recently took a long weekend retreat to develop a joint project. They emerged Sunday evening worn out but exhilarated with what they had accomplished.

Meet the all new Wingsong Horseless Carriage!

It combines exquisite but simple detail work, and some great features that will have you in the driver's seat for hours and hours on end.

To use your Wingsong Horseless Carriage remove your other Animation Overrides, select ADD from your Inventory, and drive your car using your normal arrow keys. VERY easy to adjust to most standard sized avatars using the EDIT tool! When finished, DETACH.


1 - Illuminating Light Beams: Click on the space just in front of your car to turn them on and off. Best to turn them off during the day. Excellent for piddlin' around after dark.

2 - Two really nice Claxton horns: Touch each of the back fenders to hear these old timey horns. Touch the pedal stool to hear your car backfire.

3 - Original Wingsong animations: We VERY rarely use anything but authentic Wingsong animations. You'll bounce a little as you drive for added realism.

4 - Boat Mode: Drive over the water and your Wingsong Horseless Carriage automatically switches into boat drive.

5 - Stardust Exhaust Pipe: Yeah, it looks like smoke but it's nontoxic stardust, the stuff that spreads little particles of compassion everywhere it goes. So you know you're not hurting the virtual environment! You can turn the exhaust on and off by touching the tail pipe.

6 - A fine old car engine sound loop: Touch your floor board to turn this sound on and off.

7 - Authentic Wingsong textures: We've included 5 textures that you will probably not see anywhere else on the grid except in Wingsong products: the back window, the headlights, the steering wheel, the license plate, and the wheels. All but the license plate are high quality alpha textures and add a real sense of realism to your vehicle.

8 - Onboard Texture Changer on License Plate: We've preinstalled 17 license plates/bumper stickers for you - some are just fun, a few are shameless self promotions. Add your OWN logo or other textures by dragging them from your inventory into the license plate's CONTENT TAB of your Edit Tool (holds maximum of 22 textures).

9 - The wheels turn when you walk and run.


Turn off other Animation Overrides. ADD your Wingsong Horseless Carriage ADD V2. Move using your normal arrow keys.

Your car is COPY/MOD, so make all the copies you want and recolor, redecorate, resize, retexture, reDO to make it fit YOUR specs!

For questions or a live demonstration of this or any of our fine/fun Wingsong products, IM Kit Ciaco!

We make quite a few buggies available at our Marketplace store; keyword: buggy.

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Have Carriage Will Travel

Veröffentlicht 10.3.2014 von xxRavennax0x 5 Sterne

This is a sweet little ride with personality and whimsy. I can travel alone or take my shoulder pet with me as my passenger. Another great product from Wingsong.
*honk honk* :-)

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