[The Arcanum] Wizard Combat Arena

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A mystical combat arena held together by the ancient forces of magic. Every spellcaster needs an appropriate venue for which to show off his incredible powers and battle his friends.

Engage in the ultimate showdown with your friends and foes!

This 100% low land-impact mesh arena is yours to do with as you please. It can fit on small parcels or scaled up to fit larger venues. Easily string together multiple arenas for a staggered battle ground.

No where else will you find a combat arena this stunning, cheap and deliciously mesh.

Textures feature animations, materials, easily modifiable faces (for coloring).

What are you waiting for? Its TIME TO DUEL!



  • 32 LI by default - scales up to 48 LI.
  • 100% Original Mesh | Unique Design
  • Modifiable | Adjust colors and scales to your liking.

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Looks nice, but doesn't do anything

Veröffentlicht 26.6.2014 von ShadowWolf Lane 4 Sterne

Not sure what made me think it worked like some kind of combat system for dueling, but it would have been a nice features, or even act as a rezzer to practice and try out spells on test targets. I could probably think of a few things it could have done, but I guess for 500 L$ I shouldn't have expected much. It's a nice looking piece for use in a magic themed area, and guess you could just use your own combat huds to keep track of health. As far as modifying it, there isn't much you can play with outside of coloring and rescaling. There aren't any notecards for it, but some texture templates would be nice if you wanted to make it more custom texturing and swap out the pentagram/store logo. I suppose if I was a scripter I could probably make it do the things I could think of. But all in all not a bad piece.

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