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I really enjoyed making this working fire extinguisher. I noticed there are various fire prevention items available in SL, but there was no complete working fire extinguisher.

And by completely working, I mean that such an item features an original authentic animation, that it has a realistic extinguisher spray during the animation, and that there is a realistic spraying sound during the animation.

So, I built a very nice looking extinguisher, made my own original 10 second animation, and wrote my original script to make it work every time you touch the extinguisher to activate the animation.

Using it is wonderfully charming, it looks right, feels right and is a lot of fun.

But that was not enough for me. An extinguisher should also put out fires, don't you think?

So, I wrote a script for an authentic looking roiling sort of oil fire that comes from an oil barrel (with appropriate labels and warnings on it).

Just place the barrel where you have rez rights. Then, when you feel the need to "put out fires" just say 'Fire!' in chat and the barrel will suddenly become surrounded by threatening looking smoky flames.

At this point you become a first responder. Touch the extinguisher to activate it (you wear it in your right hand).

The animation begins when you lift the extinguisher and reach with the other hand to pull the activation pin.

Then you step forward and also lean forward a bit as your arms reach toward the flames holding the extinguisher in aiming position. You spray left and center and right as the spray goes out and you hear the spraying sound effect. You complete this animation as you bring the extinguisher down and back to you. At this point the spray from the extinguisher has faded and so have the flames.

And guess what? I will own up to having caused more than one kitchen fire over the years. So of course I made a flammable kitchen stove and it is also in the box as part of this set. Just place the stove in your kitchen area and when you wish just say "Fire on stove!" in open chat. The boiling pot on the stove suddenly bursts into flames with plenty of smoke. But don't worry you have the perfect solution in your hands. Just touch your fire extinguisher and within moments your kitchen will be safe again. The stove takes 6 prims if you want to leave it inworld.

This is endless fun. Just key 'Fire!' in chat for the barrel or "Fire on stove!" and you can put out fires again and again.

This is also instructive. Please notice that you spray at the bottom of the flames and then upward and around as is recommended by fire prevention experts.

Have lots of fun with this. Indeed, use it to share what you know or learn about best fire prevention practices.

The barrel is 2 prims and the fire extinguisher is 4 prims if you want to leave them your in-world environment. Both are copy only.

Send me a note about how you use it, and also let me know about other similar items you would like to see.

Stay safe, and all the best!


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  • First complete and detailed and authentic working fire extinguisher
  • Original animation and scripting by one of SL's finest makers/scripters
  • Two items in box: Fire Extinguisher And Burning Barrel YOU Extinguish
  • All original design and scripting and animation to give you the best
  • Maker is very open to your ideas about new things you want


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