{XO} Full Perm Magnus Kitchen

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Thank you for purchasing from {XO}!

Any questions, comments, or you would just like to say hi, please send a note card to Saera Ellisson or Skitch Sabretooth in-world.


Anything offered as a full permissions item is not to be sold as is. You must change the look in a noticeable manner and not sell with full permissions.


You may use my items as a basis for idea of your own items. Use of scripts, hacks, programs to copy and acquire items to sell as your own is not allowed. You must come up with it on your own.

If you are unsure of anything please do not hesitate to ask via note card. I would love to hear from you.

These are FULL MESH items. Aside from the appliance doors these items are unscripted, with no animations. You must create these yourself.

The scripts in the doors are basic open door scripts, which you can find anywhere, possibly on the LSL wiki.

This package includes a mesh object, texture map, shadow map, and example texture for the items.

Some of these items have been creating using multiple materials for one object. This means that different textures may be applied to different surfaces on the same prim, even though it is a single mesh.

Every piece in this set has different surfaces, even though it is a single mesh. To work with these, either drag the right texture on to that surface, or use the select face feature in build mode.

Example - The stool is a single mesh, however it has 2 material parts. One for the stool and one for the cushion. It all shares one texture but you may change the textures separately on each part.

I have tried to keep easy to recognize names for the textures so you should be able to figure out what part is dragged where. The example textures included really help in figuring out what textures belong on which surface.

All items under 5 LI.

***PLEASE NOTE*** that the current values listed are at the default size and when you re size or link items, these values may change accordingly. To keep them such low prim, the LOD values have been created lower. Please ensure proper LOD settings for maximum viewing.

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Constant quality

Veröffentlicht 4.6.2015 von TempusTide 5 Sterne

Have bought several items from here with no mishaps or disappointments.
Love my shiny new kitchen.

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