Xplicit Party Bar (PG) B

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░▒▓█ 10% CHEAPER INWORLD █▓▒░ ░▒▓█ 10% CHEAPER INWORLD █▓▒░

░▒▓██████ FEATURES INCLUDE ██████▓▒░
❶ Original Mesh Design and Textures
❷ 68 High Quality Animations including New Bento Animations
❸ 100% Bento for All Animations
❹ Texture Menu
❺ Auto-Attach Props
❻ Interactive Drink Menu
❼ Rezzable Permanent Props Menu
❽ Sits 5 People
❾ No pose-balls, just right click and sit. Low lag
❿ Copy version has free lifetime updates
⓫Security Options

❤═════════════ MENU OPTIONS ═════════════❤
Male and female solo menu include: Sitting, Standing, Drinking, Dancing and Drunk

❤═════════════ EXPERIENCE ═════════════❤
EXPERIENCE (this item can work without experience enabled but it works best with it)
“Second Life has now enabled 'experiences' which will allow automatic attachments of props (no permission request). Enable the experience 'AVsitter' (by Code Violet) on your land, estate or parcel level by adding it to the Allowed list. Experiences are enabled under 'About Land' in the SL viewer.” - Code Violet
❤═════════════ BENTO ═════════════❤
All animations are either built in hand Bento or have Bento hand animations added. All animations have face expressions added for mesh heads. Old legacy SL avatar heads will not animate. Both Bento hand and Bento expressions can be turned ON/OFF using respective buttons in the [ADJUST] menu. If you are stuck in a Bento animation, use the 'Fix Face' menu.
❤═════════════ DRINKS MENU ═════════════❤
This is accessible whilst standing or sitting on the bar. Whilst standing, touch the drink display board and choose the type Wine, Cocktail, Spirits or Beers and then your specific drink of choice. Drinks will auto attach to your hand and play a drinking animation. This should override all other animations affecting your hand. You will have to manually detach the drink from your avatar.
The drink menu is also accessible via the main menu when you are seated and will also attach and override other animations. You will still have to manually detach it even after switching to a new pose.
❤═════════════ REZZABLE PROPS ═════════════❤
You can rezz or de-rezz various props to decorate your bar and control the overall land impact.
Bottles: 6 land impact
Cocktail Tray: 3 land impact
4 Coasters: 3 land impact
Sauces: 3 land impact
Garnish: 2 land impact
Wine Bottle: 2 land impact
Ice Bucket: 1 land impact
Wine: 1 land impact
Nachos: 1 land impact
Burgers: 1 land impact
Coasters Holder: 1 land impact

Please note: The bar is phantom.

❤═════════════ Xplicit Customer Care ═════════════❤
Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulties at all please contact us directly or visit us in-person at our Main Store.
Please come in world and demo this for yourself. ➨

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  • 68 Animations
  • 100% Bento
  • Interactive Drink Menu
  • 5 Sitters
  • Texture Menu


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Xplicit Furnishings
Xplicit Furnishings
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