*Ya's* Hyacinth- Sculpted and Flexi Version- Copy+Mod!

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Ya's Spring & Summer Flowers – HYACINTH
Sculpted Version & Flexi Version - Single Flower & Flower Meadow

Some of my customers want flexible plants ( because of they sway naturally in the breeze), some like sculpted ones ( because of they are prim saving).So I decided to include both versions in my package, but without duplicate the price :-)
Of course you can combine both variations, it looks nice and it's still primsaving.

Pack includes 8 items in total:

* Sculpted Single Flower - 1 Prim
* Sculpted Flower Meadow - 1 Prim
* Flexi Single Flower - 3 Prim
* Flexi Flower Meadow - 6 Prims
All in two different colours : blue and white

You have COPY and MODIFY permissions ! This means you can make multiple copies of the plant and you can resize it

Suggestions, Questions, Complaints?
Please don't get angry or give me a bad rating if you discover something you dont like. --> Contact me! <-- Customer satisfactions is important for me! I will do anything to help you and if you are still unsatisfied, I will refund you the money.




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