.:ZiSP:. ZKS Zipster Fatpack

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.:ZiSP:. latest product for 2016, this pack is the entire vest top range of the ZKS (Zombie Squad Kids) adventure-wear outfit.
It is fully mesh and compatible for the Super Mesh Bros mesh body.

The massive bundle pack which you can have the original release full vest top range for a discounted price. Pack includes

Dazzle Camo, Light and Dark Grey Vest Tops

Dark Grey, Black and Dazzle Camo Cargo Shorts

The Standard Texture Hud

Elbow and Knee protector pads

Sneakers (both blue and black)

A special edition "Zipster" vintage T shirt and Vest Top as an added bonus.

Added Note ...

Because ZiSP clothing is fitmesh, it is not a true representation of SMB, as the SMB body is not fitmesh and clothing should fit any shape regardless. Therefore to save confusion, our products have been relisted to reflect that.

Demos are available in-store at the SLURL, sorry guys but there seems to be a mix of some people leaving the usual negative reviews on demos as some form of personal issue.
Normally I don't mind honest reviews but there are some nitpicking salty people out there. So we have supplied demos for people who want them. So until attitudes start changing, demos will be now placed instore.

Not to worry, the store is all new and being extended, you will find the ZKS demos in the building next to the sci-fi department and you can join the group while you are there. Dystopia is a nice sim.

Due to people being of differing shapes and the SMB body not being fitmesh, on some shapes the ZSK outfit will not work.
It will require some shape editing for it to fit depending on your base shape.
For some with a close shape to the model, there are no issues with any clothing (SMB or otherwise) .
I know cause I own a lot of SMB template clothing and everything fits.

We feel that instead of sticking to the current SMB system( where you have no control over the fittings),is going backwards rather than forwards. We want an outfit that looks great, fits good and where you have slight control over body mass, size etc. We want a outfit that mirrors the same quality and principles as most adult boutique clothing offers.
All that's needed is slight alterations with a slider.

We decided to keep this version and re-label it so when the new SMB body (which will be fitmesh) comes out, that we can carry on the work as a future template.

If you have the correct body dimensions the outfit was modeled on (or really close), the ZKS and other clothing will fit you no problem. We have also provided a body shape on marketplace store for you to scribble numbers down or amend your own shape to suit you.

We will be working towards developing a basic SMB model version, that works with the current SMB body for people that DON'T wish to change body dimensions features but without any control features of fitmesh.

If it looks to our standard then a classic SMB version may appear later on. That will be re-labeled as SMB Classic.

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  • Compatible with SMB (Needs some shape editing)
  • Original Rigged Low Poly FitMesh
  • Urban Look for Scrappy kids

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Best boys' outfit ever

Veröffentlicht 8.8.2016 von Kyril Silverweb 5 Sterne

I was overjoyed to find this outfit a few months ago and I've worn some combination of it most of the time since then! The fit is *perfect* for SMB with just a few tiny tweaks to my shape that don't affect any of my other outfits. The texturing is really really good. It's original mesh, so it's not the same old thing you find everywhere else, and the details are fantastic and so realistic. I'm not really into the zombie thing, and you don't have to be; it's worth it just for the three "clean" versions. The cargo shorts alone are worth it. I was glad to see that now one can also get a blue denim version, a dirty white version of the sneakers, and separate t-shirts. I got them all and will be happily mixing and matching for months. Thanks for making such a perfect outfit!

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