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This notecard is intended to give you basic information about the structure and its features, as well as a reference to compare it to other prefabs you may be considering. Please be sure to also visit the prefab model before buying, as a written description is no substitution to seeing the prefab and its features in person. If you have any questions please ask BEFORE purchasing.

atherwood home

2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home

prim Count:

house: 79 prim impact (mesh)


32x26 meters

height*: 9 meters

*height can vary slightly depending on terrain and how much of the foundation is left above ground.


prims: copy, modify, no transfer

scripts: copy, no modify, no transfer

scripted Features:

doors: Doors can be locked and unlocked to restrict access.

windows: can be tinted solid for privacy, and one way for viewing and privacy

home control: easily manage access list for windows and doors

fireplace: click logs to toggle flames, light, and smoke from chimney

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