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[!] Demo includes partial product, non functioning HUD, and minimal permissions. The following information applies to the full version of the product.

[!] These shoes are cheaper inworld + you can get 10% store credit by wearing cinphul group tag.

UPDATE: 03/17/2021
Now include Inithium fit PLUS unrigged ankle cuffs for those who want to wear feminine mesh feet with masculine mesh bodies (!!!).

The ankle cuffs are also experimental but I tested it with Signature male/ female bodies and Jake Body/ Kupra feet and it was ok when running a dancing animation.

Try the demo first!


1. Stilettos:
- Maitreya Lara (static + resize versions)
- Slink Female
- Belleza Freya
- Signature Alice
- Legacy Female
- Inithium Kupra/ Kups
- Unrigged copy of stilettos

2. Ankle Cuffs (see add'l picture, unrigged):

- slim version, right + left each w/resize script
- wide version, right + left each w/resize script

3// Texture HUD with:

- 2 x metals
- 8 x cable colors
- 2 x teeth (blood on/off)
- 4 x "saliva" (opacity)

4// Auto foot height scripts where applicable (some dev kits do not provide it).

[!] Important: cinphul products are copy + modify and NO transfer. The scripts inside are copy only! Rigged items cannot be resized unless the mesh body permits foot resizing (hence 2 versions of Maitreya). If you need to modify you may have to rezz on ground to adjust and then re-attach.

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Veröffentlicht 26.4.2021 von MidnightHazard 5 Sterne

These are dope. I don't think its THAT bad of a price for some dope shoes, so to the other person who left a review all I can say is don't be cheap its literally like a fatpack you can change colors of them. XD

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Excelent work but...

Veröffentlicht 25.3.2021 von Jesiris 3 Sterne

When I saw the demo I was ready to purchase it by 350ls~450ls but when I saw the price,I give up. '-' I believe if is to pay 700ls+ the tongue should be at least, Animesh our Animated somehow.

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