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Diavolo Creations has a new animated tipjar for you, but this time I did it for CLUBS, where employees need to login/logout. These are very elegant tipjars, with neon effect switching between yellow and blue by default, but i included a red version too, plus you can tint it manually in-world. It’s only 3 prim, with copy and modify permission (except the scripts, those are only copy) and you can easily setup your jar by a notecard. Has 2 version: one with a “linden dollar” stack, the other is with a diamond. I used professional tipjar script with this special DC pluggin, which will send a local chat message whenever somebody logs in, plus your employee will get a pop-up menu too with who was the tipper. The pluggin will automaticaly switch the object name into the employee's name's tipjar when someone's login and switch it back to its original name on logout.

The current plugin version is 1.5: fixed the rename bug, from now on the tipjar wont switch back to its original [dc] name. Just be sure to follow the instructions and take the renamed “prototype” back in your inventory and re-rez it. (example: u rez the prototype named as [dc] Diamond TipJar w/ Plugin, you setup the config notecard and rename the object as Dancers TipJar. You take the prototype back in you inventory and re-rez it. After permission granted you can login and after you logout the tipjar will automatically switch its name to Dancers TipJar.


- Configured via notecard
- Pre-settable fast pay buttons
- Tips can be split between the employee, the owner and one or more associates.
- Floating text and thank you messages are fully customizable
- Optionally give the tipper a gift when the jar is tipped. (Up to 16 gifts can be placed in the jar, in which case the gift will be chosen at random. You must have copy/transfer rights for those gifts , but of course you can/should change perms for the next owner)
- Optionally is giving a weblink for those who touch it (!!! those who are logged in wont get that link in chat)
- Logged in employees can be logged out automatically when offline or out of
a predetermined range
- Tipjar can be set to only allow group members or named employees to login
- When employee is signed in will change the object name into the employer's name tipjar..when log out will switch back to the name u gave
- Will show pop-up menu for your employee with who was the tipper
- It's mod..so u can change the color - I included a red version too

NOTE!!!! If you are the owner of the tipjar and u log in you will get this message: XY has tipped L$20. You received L$0 - when somebody tipped u. Don't get scared, u'll get the whole amount (u can see that in ur transaction history). This calculation of the percentage works only for your employers. Example: IsisRea Diavolo has tipped L$20. You received L$15.


- rez one tipjar as a prototype
- right click with your mouse and select Edit from the pipe-menu, go to the content tab and open the .abVenueTipJarConfig notecard
- follow the instructions from the config notecard to setup your tipjar
- save the changes you made and wait till the configuration will be loaded
- hit grant permission
- rename your tipjar as you wish (ex. Dancers TipJar, Hosts TipJar, Diavolo Creations TipJar) from the General tab, in the build window (you know, right click with your mouse and select edit)
- take the tipjar back in your inventory and re-rez as many you want. Be sure to grant permission each time is asked.

!!!! Note: This tip jar was updated on 10.18.2013, if you purchased it prior this date and you didnt got the latest version, please contact IsisRea Diavolo or use the redelivery system from the customer kiosk in mainstore inworld.

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  • Login/logout option
  • Everybody, group or list access
  • Split percentage
  • Elegant design


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